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Aggressive And Skilled Representation In Class Action Lawsuits

Taking legal action after you have been injured by a negligent party or business is your right, but it can be a stressful and time-consuming task. However, you can lessen this legal burden by joining a class action lawsuit. This legal approach allows you to leverage the power of a group of others in your situation, saving time and money while you hold the responsible party to account.

At Rodriguez Tramont & Nuñez, P.A., our Coral Gables firm is recognized for its ability to get justice and results for clients across the country. We have significant litigation experience with matters that include defective products, toxic torts, financial abuse, bank fraud and many other intricate claims. We invite you to contact us online to determine your next steps.

What You Need To Know About Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are filed on behalf of a group of individuals who have suffered similar physical or financial injuries. Filed separately, the cost and challenges of representation may outweigh the benefits of a settlement or award. In many cases, it may not make financial sense to seek compensation.

In class action lawsuits, the injured work as a group, known as the class, with a single legal team to file a complaint and move forward with their suit after the court approves this course of action. There are no initial legal fees paid directly to the attorney from members of the class. The attorney or law firm fees are paid out of the settlement by the company or organization being sued.

Types of class action lawsuits include those affecting consumers, employees and investors. Class action lawsuits are regularly filed on behalf of individuals hurt by dangerous and defective products in cars, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Those injured financially have taken action as groups against corporations responsible for negligent data protection policies that have resulted in data breaches and for losses caused by fraudulent investment practices.

How We Can Help

It is critical to work with a legal team that has the know-how and resources to organize this immense undertaking and present a compelling argument in court. Our team of attorneys share 40 years of litigation experience in Florida, New York, Missouri and Wyoming. They relish a legal challenge and will aggressively defend your interests throughout your case.

We are qualified to represent injury victims and their loved ones in a broad range of matters that include:

  • Consumer class actions: Cases based on illegal billing practices, illegal debt collection practices and failure to comply with consumer protection laws
  • Employment class actions: Cases based on workplace safety violations, discrimination and employment law violations
  • Product liability class actions: Cases based on defective consumer products, drugs or medical devices
  • Unfair trade practices: Cases based on bait-and-switch practices or products or services that do work as advertised

It’s no secret that often, industry-leading corporations, financial institutions and employers do not stop when their profits and interests are at risk. Our attorneys do not forget what is at stake when we file a class action lawsuit. We are committed to our clients’ cases from beginning to end.

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