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Do You Have An Hourly Wage Or Overtime Claim?

Unfortunately, not all employers treat their employees ethically. Many people do not speak up about illegal practices for fear of losing their job or facing hostility at work. You should know that you are legally protected from retaliation. You have every right to take action.

How do you know if your employer is paying you unfairly?  Some common ways employers shortchange workers are:

  • Classifying them as exempt when they should not be
  • Paying below minimum wage
  • Forcing them to work off the clock
  • Not paying overtime rates when they work more than 40 hours

Overtime rates are 1.5 times your usual hourly pay. Keep track of your paychecks and all the time you work, and check it against the amount you should have received based on your pay rate and hours. Any time you work more than 40 hours a week, your extra hours should be paid at the overtime rate.

Your Allies Against Unjust Treatment

If you are being paid unjustly, you should not face your employer alone. You will need a strong legal ally to fight for your rights. At Rodriguez Tramont & Nuñez, P.A., our attorneys have experience in employment litigation against companies and corporations. We have won significant judgments and settlements for our clients and we are ready to help you.

It Is Time To Speak Up

You should be receiving fair compensation for the work you do. Contact us online or call 800-649-7239 for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable lawyers. We will discuss your options and help you file a wage and hour claim.

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