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  • Represented the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the AFDIC@) in a negligence action brought in Federal District Court in South Florida against the former directors and officers of a failed South Florida financial institution. The four-week trial yielded a jury verdict for the FDIC in excess of $18 Million. Prior to trial, obtained in excess of $4 Million in settlements with other directors. Also represented the FDIC in the ensuing successful appeal. The case, FDIC v. Stahl, 89 F. 3d 1510 (11th Cir. 1996) is the leading case on the interplay between the standard of care to which officers and directors are held and the business judgment rule.

  • Represented a Peruvian company in a breach of distributorship agreement claim against a large multi-national manufacturer of consumer electronics. A three-week trial yielded a jury verdict in the amount of $5.35 Million. The case was later settled while on appeal.

  • Represented 19 different farmers in a products liability claim against a Fortune 10 conglomerate. The lawsuits involving crop damage caused by a fungicide were litigated all over the State of Florida. In one case, the Court entered an order striking the defendant's pleadings. This order led to what the defendant admitted to be the most favorable settlements it ever paid out with a total in excess of $59 Million.

  • Represented a South Florida developer in arbitration of joint venture involving in excess of $5 Million dispute over distribution of profits of completed venture projects and in reclaiming interest in other, still-ingoing projects. Venture involved three different land development projects in Miami-Dade County, Florida totaling over 300 acres of realty.

  • Represented a Norwegian born South Florida investor in a breach of contract claim against a Finnish and Swedish shipping company over the sale of a cruise line. After a four week trial, a jury rendered a verdict in favor of the client in the amount of $6 Million.

  • Represented the FDIC in a negligence action against the former office of directors of the failed financial institution located in South Florida. The claim was settled by the FDIC prior to trial for in excess of $5 Million.

  • Represented the FDIC in many commercial mortgage foreclosure actions including one that involved, in part, a mortgage on allegedly submerged state lands. Case resulted in a settlement of over $7 Million to the FDIC and a recovery of the full amount of the principal loaned by the failed bank at the depths of the 1990's real estate downturn.

  • Represented owners who sold their business to a publicly-traded company suing for an earn-out payment due based upon the post-sale performance of the sold business. The 12-day arbitration involved complicated accounting and contract interpretation issues and resulted in an award of $1 Million to the clients.



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